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Houma, Louisiana 4 comments
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I just want to warn everyone of the POSTER on this site named Terry.

Terry is a Douche-bag. Terry is really Sally, and Sally is Terry. Either way, they (him/she/it) are douche-bags and deserve to clearly be punched in the face.

Terry/Sally, if you are reading this, you are the biggest, stinkiest, dumbest douche-bag in history.... and you deserve to be punched in the face... as many times as possible.

This web site is lame, and if you haven't done so, you should all read the forum entry "12-steps for Anger". Just search that, as it explains it all. Please leave comments, and if you see Terry/Sally, it is okay to just punch them in the face.

Review about: Customer Service.


Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #72279

No, Mike Tyson is not SALLY. I am.

Have a wonderful day, idiots! You all know you love me and my mean comments.

PS. Keep punching everyone in the face Mike, I love it.

Ipuncha U. FaceTerry

Are you the same Terry that's on here for 'Terry's Tiny *** Emporium'?I can't believe what was said about you in that..

is it true?

Do you really have blueberry sized testies?Jiminy-Christmas!


Whatever, douche-bag!

Simpson, England, United Kingdom #71839

Well thank you for reading my responses to some truly *** complaints. I am glad I have a following. I will be signinh autographs next week at a place to be announced.

As far as this Sally person goes? I am not a Sally, I assure you that, and I don't need to hide under some assumed name. That, like your complaint is *** as there would be no reason to do that, as nobldy knows who I am anyway, so why use some made up name.

You however, have some major truth issues. Whats the matter, didn't like the fact that I post responses that show people how *** and LAME some of these complaints are. I find it amazing that not one whiner on here has ever accepted any blame for anything. Even when they are 6 or 7 months behind in a payment, still it is the finance companies fault, not theirs.

I will continue to reply to *** complaints, and as far as you hitting anybody in the face, I doubt you are man or woman enough to do that, so why even make that comment? :cry

Again, thank you for your support, all you have done is make those want to read what I have to say even more. :p

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